Design & Marketing Work Placement (part-time)

To commence in Jan/Feb 2017, we are looking for a student to join us on a Design & Marketing work placement. 

Founded in 2013, by Fashion Design & Marketing graduate Lauren Grace MY-FOLIO is a portfolio store dedicated to providing designers & corporations with personalised display portfolios handmade out of leather, bamboo & Perspex. 

2017 is a huge year for us, we are launching a new monogramming service and product offerings, touring around the UK visiting Universities with our products, targeting new markets and more! For this we need an extra pair of very enthusiastic hands! 

Your role: 

- Assist with web design & product development
- Create content and manage the social media (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) 
- Write weekly blogs
- Collaborate with bloggers
- Assist in photoshoots
- Business to business marketing
- Attend events

You would be working directly with the founder, Lauren Grace who will be bringing in industry professionals to provide training for you in digital marketing, acquisition, PR & strategic sales as well as learning directly from the founder how a business works and visual communication/graphic skills. 

Location: Tooting Bec, London. 
Hours: Thursdays & Fridays(or)Mondays - 09:30 - 17:30 (flexible to suit your schedule) 
Salary: Travel costs

To apply please reply email hello@my-folio.com with your CV and cover letter. Please also send examples of your work if applicable.


Introducing our NEW limited edition Diary Organiser 2017 | #MYFOLIO

Introducing our NEW limited edition Diary Organisers for 2017 ...

My-Folios hand crafted leather diary organisers featuring the exquisite buffalo grain leather, elasticated closure band and complimentary personalisation to the first paper page for the ultimate Christmas gift for your loved ones or yourself.

Available in four iconic colours; black, rouge and two limited edition colours; copper & platinum.

Luxury paper refill included featuring a 2017 diary with week-to-week double page view, address section, notes section with lined pages & to-do list section with lined pages and tick boxes. 

Finishing touches at no extra cost, personalise the first paper page of your diary organiser by adding two words of text (eg. Merry Christmas, your name, company name etc). Simply add your preferred colour to your cart and you will then be prompted to input your desired two words of text.

Order yours today: http://www.my-folio.com/diary-organisers/leather-diary-organisers-2017


Key tips on how to shoot a flat lay photograph ... #MYFOLIO

Want to master the art of flat-lay photography? Inspired by our photoshoot? Look no further and see the below tips written by the talented @theexposureco

1. Shoot In Square

The first rule of Instagram flat lays is to always shoot the photo in square if you are taking the shot on your phone. Flicking your phone onto square makes it easier to see what will fit in the Instagram frame and you won’t have to worry about cropping it when it comes time to upload. If you are using your SLR camera, make sure you change the image dimensions to 640×640 pixels (or as close to as possible) so the whole image is in the frame.

2. Composition Is Key

Whether you are going for a simple, clean look with lots of white space or a cluttered yet stylish flat lay a la Margaret Zhang, composition is key to a good flat lay. Keep your lines clean, consider symmetry on both sides of the frame and create space between each object. If you’re still unsure, stick to the rule of thirds and place the main components on the gridlines of an invisible 3×3 grid.

3. Pick a Colour Scheme

Nothing ruins an image more than colours that don’t work in harmony with each other. When selecting items for your flat lay choose a colour scheme and stick to it for a set that works wonders.

4. You Need Good Lighting

When shooting a flat lay it is important to have good lighting, so shoot in natural light when possible. Walk around your house with one item and take a couple of test shots to help you decide where the best lighting is. Hint: the garage is usually good during the day.

 5. Use Your Editing Apps

A good flat lay highlights the products in their natural form, so you shouldn’t need to do too much editing to your pictures. Instead, use one of the many free photo-editing apps that are available to enhance the colour, add contrast, adjust the lighting and make white areas appear crisper. Find one that works well with your style and your editing will be done in a couple of taps.

 6. Pick A Theme

Flat lays are supposed to tell a visual story, so when you choose a theme stick to it, no matter how tempting it is to throw in embellishments that stray from the original theme. Whether it’s sporty, glam, brand orientated, foodie inspired or just a few of your favourite things, each element needs to make sense when combined as a whole.

 7. The Hero Piece

A flat lay should revolve around one of two main items, or hero pieces, and the other elements and accessories are used to add value and embellishment. The hero piece can be anything – a cute new top, an inspirational quote, your favourite magazine or a new recipe you’ve trialed. The hero piece should be the main focus of your story or theme, so make sure it looks good and sits well while photographing.

 8. Get The Bird’s Eye View

The final step in taking the perfect flat lay image is to get above the spread that you have created and shoot from a bird’s eye view. Get up on a stool no matter how silly you think you look. It’ll take your snap from amateur Instagrammer to influencer in no time.



Lights | Camera | Action! On set with #MYFOLIO

I think it's safely agreed that our favourite time in the My-Folio studio is "photoshoot day". Last week, the photoshoot of our diary organisers commenced! In classic My-Folio style, we opted for a flat-lay style shoot in alignment of our brand values of simple, quality design which highlights the essence of our products. 

The photoshoot was a blast - our hands may have formed small icicles by the end but a round of Christmas hot chocolates after certainly 'warmed the cockles'. 

Photos to follow!

Shooting the Christmas Diary Campaign #MYFOLIO



Bespoke [hinged leather] Folios for MUA Samantha Newman

One of three bespoke leather hinged folios created in our London workshop for make-up-artist Samantha Newman.


Samantha selected the 'logo personalisation' option when choosing her folio and then sent through a pdf of her logo to hello@my-folio.com. 


A member of our design team liased with Samantha regarding position and scaling of her logo and then got to work on her beautiful leather portfolios.

Bespoke leather portfolio

Bespoke leather portfolio


Order yours: www.my-folio.com


"Many hands make light work". A saying I grew up with - my father liked to repeat it when it was his turn to do the house chores! Now, with My-Folio growing at such a fast rate it seems a prime time to put my fathers quote into fruition. For the next month I will be calling upon my friends, partner, family & of course My-Folios amazing employees to bring all hands togther to make light work of all your exquisite folio orders .   Wish us luck 🤘    #MYFOLIO  //  www.my-folio.com       

"Many hands make light work".

A saying I grew up with - my father liked to repeat it when it was his turn to do the house chores!

Now, with My-Folio growing at such a fast rate it seems a prime time to put my fathers quote into fruition.

For the next month I will be calling upon my friends, partner, family & of course My-Folios amazing employees to bring all hands togther to make light work of all your exquisite folio orders .


Wish us luck 🤘


 #MYFOLIO  //  www.my-folio.com 




Inspiration Of The Month | Instant Inner Peace, Guaranteed // #MYFOLIO

Dutch Artist's Lernert and Sander have created a new art piece which is formed of 98 pieces of raw food. They transformed these unprocessed foods into perfect cubes of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5cm. The art piece came after Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant approached the Artist's asking them to create a photograph for their documentary photography special, with the theme food. Looking at the shot it seems practically impossible, however the combination of the clever composition and positioning of the cubes makes a beautiful flat lay.  


Here at My-Folio we have a huge love for flat lay's as shown in our product photography and our beautiful, minimalist Pinterest board's. They are a classic, simple and chic way to photograph your work and to demonstrate what you are currently inspired by.

Who knew tiny cubes of portabella mushroom and papaya could be so satisfying. 

Strike a pose | #MYFOLIO

Let the #MYFOLIO photoshoot for our 2015-2016 folio collections commence!

It has been pretty non-stop for the last couple of weeks preparing for our photoshoot. The MY-FOLIO teams time has been spent designing new collections, sourcing fabrics, creating mood boards, speaking with suppliers, finalising designs and technical drawings and finally creating samples for the shoot and trade shows

Now comes the time to capture our folios in all their beautiful glory! To prepare for this we created Pinterest boards of what we find visually inspiring.

With a folio of Pinterest inspiration and drawings to hand, the design team meet to consolidate all visuals into photographic compositions and create a list of props and backdrops to achieve the look.

The date is set, the itinerary printed and it is time to GO GO GO! 


#MYFOLIO | www.my-folio.com


We here at My-Folio would like to start by saying a very Happy New Year to everyone! We've had such a brilliantly busy and animated few months leading up to the oh so very exciting event of Christmas; we hope you all enjoyed the turkey and father christmas made a visit!

An absolute fantastic way to end 2014 with a buzz here at My-Folio. A limited edition | Gold Diary Folio bespoke made for Sunetra Sarker from ‪#‎HolbyCity‬ &‪#‎StrictlyComeDancing‬! And to start the new year with a planned trip to the International trade fair for stationary 'Paperworld' in Frankfurt for January 2015!

Our overall structure of the blog will be slightly different this year, commencing with a design of the month, design entrepreneur of the month and a month at MY-FOLIO coming soon. We will be keeping you updated with all the eventful activity that goes on in the studio and in Germany on our website, instagram, twitter and facebook; so keep your eyes peeled and follow us on our very exciting journey of 2015!

Design of the Month

The Design of the Month of has to go to the spectacular, and breath-taking firework display for the 150th Anniversary of Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge. On December 7th over 100,000 Bristolians watched one of the most impressive firework displays the city has ever seen. 

The overall layout, structure and design of the event itself was led by Ben Hardy from Richmond Event Management, Bristol. The 15 minute dazzling event included music, firework waterfalls and rainbow coloured shooting curves; an explosion of noise and colour, that lit up the sky.

This remarkable bridge is a powerful symbol for Bristol and has such an important place in the hearts of local people. “We hope that residents will enjoy our anniversary celebrations and take a moment to stop and reflect on what a significant, inspirational achievement the creation of this bridge was 150 years ago.
— Trust Chairman: Chris Booy

A trip to Leeds!

We travelled up north to meet Leeds University's lovely Fashion students to showcase our delightful portfolios in the newly designed Clothworkers Art and Design Centre.

Our journey home embraced a beautiful sun-setting sight to finalise a fun and exciting day out!

Design of the Week

Wanderers: An Astrobiological Exploration - The Interplanetary Clothing of the Future. 

Neri Oxman, a prominent, intriguing Israeli architect and designer at MIT has devised wearable 3D-Printed structures for voyages into interplanetary space. Best known for her work within environmental design and coining the term 'Materialecology' Oxman continues to innovate and inspire within the realm of digital and fabrication design.

Oxman (pictured above) and her team at MIT have designed 'wearable skins' that have the potential to facilitate synthetic biological processes, that may one day allow humans to survive on different planets in our solar system.  Each 3D Skin is composed of a distinctive material and density, specific to the conditions of each individual planets. The four pieces (shown below) are also imagined to be embedded with living matter. 

The skin shown in the top left corner, for example, is called Mushtari. The structure is designed to interact with the atmosphere of Jupiter. The piece situated around the abdominal region is proposed to consume and digest biomass, absorb nutrients and generate energy. 

With this collection, we have designed spatially and materially complex wearables pointing towards the possibility of containing living matter that can interact with the environment.
— Neri Oxman

The wearable structures are designed to house biological material that adapts to each planets environment. The design fabrication of the 3D-Printed garments includes that of pockets and inserts, as well as incorporating computational 'growth patterns' into the overall shape and structure of the skins themselves.  

The exploration into this particular area of synthetic biological design is, quite arguably, one of the most important; Oxman, continue to inspire.



MY-FOLIO team goes to Worcester!

We travelled all the way up to our Marketing Assistant Josh's hometown of  Worcester! What a beautiful combination of old tudor buildings with original jettied upper storeys to new contemporary commercial areas amalgamating along the river severn. 

Our lovely products were displayed and presented to the 3rd year Graphic Design students of Worcester University. 

Design of the Week

The Real Apple Store.

A 'real apple store' has opened in Borough Market, taking a slant from the famous brand, marking the area's 1000th birthday this year.

For one weekend only, the commissioned communications agency Tinman and events company, Teatime Production, mimicked apple's trademarked design and layout, for a relevant and playful interpretation of the apple stores.

Over 1200 people visited the apples of all shapes and sizes from all over the world, displayed on clear perspex cylinder stands upon long rectangular tables, and featured on walls as giant installation pieces. The apples were present as an educational and insightful exhibition into the history of the fruit, and was not a product that could be bought.

The world’s oldest known apple, Court Pendu Plat, which was introduced by the Romans and still flourishes today, was displayed in a prestigious perspex box whilst 999 other varieties were presented on sleek white plinths and shelving units
— statement from Borough Market

Apple declined to comment on the installation.

Design of the Week

Dyslexie Font

Graphic Dutch Designer Christian Boer has designed a typeface for readers with dyslexia. Originating as an idea for his final thesis project as a student and a dyslexic himself, at the Utrecht Art Academy the typeface soon intensified when members of the dyslexic community caught onto his work as well as the international media. 

Dyslexia, a term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence (oxford dictionary) , is estimated to affect 10 per cent of the world's population, according to UK charity Dyslexia Action.

When they’re reading, people with dyslexia often unconsciously switch, rotate and mirror letters in their minds
— Boer

The letters are designed with heavier bottom to prevent the reader's mind from turning them upside down. Letters that usually appear similar are italicised and have added tails, to become more distinguished eliminating the risk of the reader mirroring them. 

Boer has also added larger spaces between letters, as well as bold capitals and punctuation marks so the start and end of sentences can be better differentiated. - Dezeen

In 2011, the dyslexie font won first prize at the Smart Urban Stage in Amsterdam, as well as being a hot subject at the TEDx Dubai Presentations. 

Christian has gone on to establish his own company Studiostudio Concepts, as well as a foundation that aims to create positive awareness and scientific research within the subject of dyslexia. 

NEW Portfolio and Sketchbook Website!

Hooray for the launch of our NEW Portfolio and Sketchbook Website!

From high quality British Leather, to quirky and original Perspex and Bamboo Portfolios; you can customise with personal text engravings and logos to stand out from the crowd! All designed and produced in the UK with love and care!

Go check it out! Visit http://www.my-folio.com/ and do not hesistate to contact us with any questions or queries about our lovely range of unique portfolio presentation products.