Interview: Artist. Jenny Urquhart

I had the privilege of speaking to the wonderful Jenny Urquhart, Bristol-based Biology teacher turned contemporary Artist this week; with her multicoloured visions of Bristol and the South-West, her paintings are punchy and vibrant and just brighten up your day. 

My Dad was an art teacher and said ‘you’ll only end up as an art teacher’ and so I ended up as a Biology teacher instead.

An Oxford University Biology graduate her life as a Biology teacher was busy and hectic. With a growing young family, and lots of classroom marking and planning to complete, Jenny made a brave decision one day after her children's school christmas fare to follow her heart and paint.

I had a little stall at my kids christmas fair.. and sold, within about two hours, a £1000 worth of stuff.

Her unique, vivacious style of painting through a variety of different mediums; acrylic, ink and collage reflects her bubbly, lighthearted and experimental personality. An inspiration to any up-coming artist, designer, and creative-mind alike to follow your heart and don't hold back. 

To see more of Jenny's work visit her website at: and look out for her Shaun the Sheep in the City coming to Bristol in the summer of 2015!

You’ve just got to go for it.


Lauren GraceComment