Paperworld Trade Show, Frankfurt Germany


This month My-folio ventured across the pond to Frankfurt, Germany, to exhibit in our first ever trade show, which just so happened to be one of the biggest stationery trade shows in the world, it certainly didn’t disappoint! 

Paperworld 2015 was full of creatives, entrepeneurs and colourful madness everywhere you looked. We were introduced to the trade show world in the new 'get started' section along side some brilliantly talented neighbours, with the innovative modern design of Zeup Design Studio and intricate laser cut cards by Rifletto.

Our Folios took pride of place enticing buyers with their clean cut, modern, chic designs and proved very popular for their unique style and materials. The hinge design seemed to go down very well with everyone and proved to be one of the most popular as the show went on. 

Of course along with the 8-9hr long day standing and selling the awesomeness that is My-Folio we needed some down time to explore and enjoy a bit of what Frankfurt had to offer. When in Germany you can't resist one of their delicious pastries in the morning with a steaming hot coffee to wake up to, and a frankwurster hot dog and beer for lunch, it has to be done!

Paperworld was extremely fruitful and a learning curve, we met lovely business minded people with creative flair that bestowed their wisdom and advice, in aid of helping us improve and grow as a company. We really benefitted from getting the Folios out there and it was an invaluable experience that we won't forget!

Lauren GraceComment