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Charlotte (Design Assistant) working on the rooftop

Charlotte (Design Assistant) working on the rooftop

My-Folio is back on the exhibition band wagon, long days, sleepless nights and portfolios galore! This week we have started our prep for Pulse London Trade Show on May 10th, which we're very excited for.

We picked up a lot of great advice and tips from our last trade show and will be putting that all into practice and to really rock London and make sure they don't forget My-Folio in a hurry!

Here at My-Folio we love to experiment and explore with new materials for our beloved portfolios, we are working with a lot of unusual textures that help make us so unique in the industry.

But luckily it hasn't been too taxing, since we've been working on the rooftop in the sun this beautiful spring eve! 

You can see our latest works at Pulse where they will be debuting - make sure you don't miss out!

See you there.



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